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L’image journalistique : atouts et dérives

Today pictures are everywhere. Against this invasion of photographs (screens, social networks, apps), the journalistic pictures is creating ethical issue. To seduce articles can’t exist without relying to a picture. Whether all TV news, an article on the net, or in a people magazine, journalistic information is linked to an image. In our study, we have been analysing the treatment of the picture through two medias, television first, and then print with Paris Match. This allowed us to see few differences. If in the first case it allows to illustrate in the second it is itself the information. However, the risk is to believe that the image is omnipotent.

We have shown that photograph is not information on his own. We can say that the image is a rallying point for information but it can’t be only information. Without legend, without description, it has no journalistic value. In other words, the image finds his strength by illustrating the information, it is a part that must be enhanced by an expert: the journalist.

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Categories: EDJ Lab