EDJ is located near the Saint Jean d’Angély university. There are therefore many Private University Residences close to our school.

Some are in partnership with EDJ (like Odalys). For more information on housing (aids, partnerships, roommates, sites specializing in student rental): https://www.ecoledujournalisme.com/logement-ville-et-transport (Translation available at the footer of the page)

Private Flats

Private flats :



Shared apartments :



Facebook: Colocation Nice 

La carte des colocs

(Lots of private groups offer apartments on Facebook)


If you are a European citizen, you may be entitled to housing assistance. To facilitate your procedures, CAF has set up a simulator on its website. It will allow you to calculate the amount of aid that can be allocated to you. You can then make your requests online. Go to the CAF website for more information – https://www.caf.fr/ 

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