To the Lake, the series that reminds us of the coronavirus

What would you do if your town were quarantined ? ©Anna Thomasson

To the Lake is a Russian apocalyptic series. Produced in 2019, this series has been available on Netflix for a few months now. Internationally, the series has not gone unnoticed. 

The subject ? A deadly virus. Everyone has a deadly virus in mind right now: Covid19 and that’s probably the reason why this series encounters such a big success at this moment. People all around the world are threatened by Covid19 and some countries have had to restrict their population like in France.

Wearing a mask in the street, in shops, at the restaurants… Having to study remotely, practicing sport, respecting a safe distance, eating too much, being bored, feeling alone, watching series. That’s life in 2020. Everything has changed and people’s way of thinking too. Series’ lovers now can’t help but think about coronavirus, even in front of their favorite series… Now when they see Michael Scofield in Fox River they think «where is social distance ?…», when they see Grand Army students they think «remember when we had teachers IRL…». At least one program echoes our experience of 2020 and that’s To the Lake

Moscow is ravaged by a deadly virus, a lot of people are dying, creating mass panic. Serguei, his partner and his son don’t live in Moscow but Serguei’s son and his mother do. People who are affected by the virus are taken away, their death is violent and the virus seems really contagious. Moscow is under a lockdown. No one may enter or leave the city, but Serguei has to in order to rescue his ex wife and his son. But the story doesn’t end there, Serguei and his group have to make their way to a far away lake which is really far without being killed by the virus, by the cold or by people who quickly become evil. 

Let’s hope that to the lake anticipation stops here. Their first episodes remind our daily life today. Masks, lockdown and people losing their mind. In fact, To the Lake is an adaptation of Vongozero, a Yana Vagner’s book published in 2010, «I wanted to imagine the end of the world – not the picturesque spectacle you usually see in movies or in books – but something realistic, without monsters or superheroes. The kind of adventures that can happen to ordinary people. who are like us: city dwellers accustomed to comfort and safety»… and after watching the series I can tell you that it’s a success!