The importance of animals during the lockdown


Everybody likes animals in their lives: dogs, cats, rabbits… Especially during lockdown, people enjoy their pets more. They are benefits to living with pets here are some advices to choose the best one.

   First of all, there are some benefits to having pets. In fact, they contribute to the welfare of humans they share their lives with. 

In fact, many of humans’ problems could disappear or be reduced when they adopt a pet. Science has proven that pets help to alleviate psychological issues like depression, loneliness and stress. In other words, pets support humans by being with them all the time and are able to give them affection.

Pets also help tackle physical issues because pets help humans exercise by encouraging them to walk regularly and playing with them and give the best physical condition to humans when they walk the animals. That is to say, pets promote the stimulation of the immune system and protect people against heart diseases.

 So we can say that pets have a lot of benefits for humans.

As far as the lockdown is concerned, these elements are the most important to deal with the pandemic and its consequences: to job loss, isolation from family and friends, not being able to hang out. In fact, pets take the place of someone or something else: people feel better because they have someone to give affection to, they can hang out to walk the pet, keep busy and most importantly, think about something else than the lockdown.

They take care of you, don’t forget them ! ©Pixabay



People generally agree about the fact that your way of life influences your choice pet. In fact, if you work, if you live in a house or an apartment, if you travel a lot it will affect your choice. That is why you must know some elements before buying an animal.

Number of animals like dogs or cats can’t stay alone more than a few hours because they have to walk, or to play and goof around. So if you work, you need to think about the time you could devote to your pet.

Moreover, where you live has a real influence on the animal breed you will choose. It will influence the size, and the character of your animal, because the space you have can or cannot correspond to the breed of the pet you would like to have.


A pet generally lives between 5 and 15 years and it usually costs between 50 and 2000 euros. This price will depend on the animal, the breed, the age… The first-year veterinary- expenses can add up to around 500 euros. In addition, you have to feed your pet and to buy some necessary accessories like a dish, a bed, a cage, a collar or toys… All of these elements cost a lot and must be taken into consideration.